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petrini1 [userpic]

The Return of Ramirez: A Minor Character Asserts Himself

November 12th, 2009 (03:33 pm)

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In Chapter 3, a young Marine named Ramirez was guarding the conference-room door at the SGC. I never expected to see him again. Suddenly this morning, a team came through the Stargate onto a distant planet, and I realized that Ramirez had come along on the mission. I also realized he was fated not to return from this mission. I'm not sure yet how he'll meet his demise, though I believe he'll be killed by the monster Goa'uld.

I do know this: If this were the Star Trek universe instead of the Stargate universe, he'd be wearing a red shirt.

Current word count: 9,468.

I'm really hoping to break 10,000 today.