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petrini1 [userpic]

Writing In the Dark

November 9th, 2009 (09:28 pm)

current mood: stressed

Well, that was weird. I was saying goodnight to my son, planning to come right downstairs to my computer and write for the next two hours. And suddenly, the house went black. In fact, the whole neighborhood went black. We had a lovely, clear 70-degree day today, and now it was a lovely, clear 60-degree evening, yet the power went out for at least a few blocks around us.

So instead of heading right to the computer, I checked outside to see how widespread this seemed to be. Then I searched for the battery-powered lantern. And the candles. And the phone number of Virginia Dominion Power. Called the power company and left an automated power-outage call. Reassured my son that it was probably no big deal, told him no you cannot come downstairs, and yes, you can sleep when it's dark. I finally managed to set up my laptop in the dark. No online service, since the wireless router depends on electricity, but at least I can write, on battery power, for a while. Unfortunately, by the time I got started, an hour of my two-hour writing window was gone.

LATE UPDATE: I just read online that the power outage was caused by an electrical fire in an apartment building. I don't know if power's been restored everywhere yet.

I did sit down to write for an hour, and I drafted a scene between O'Neill and Hammond. I like some of the dynamic in it, but it goes on too long. But that's what second drafts are for. I think I've written maybe 800 words so far today, a little less than half of what I should have written today. I may go back to it later this evening, but I've got to get some other stuff done now that the lights are back on.