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petrini1 [userpic]

Telephone Trauma

June 1st, 2009 (01:11 pm)

current mood: frustrated

I received a recorded phone message from Verizon, telling me my MCI telephone service (land service, not cell) was being automatically switched to Verizon as of June 15. I assume this is because Verizon bought MCI a few years back. The message said a detailed letter had already been sent to me, explaining my new Verizon service plan and my other options. My most recent MCI statement included a message with the same wording.

Only I never received such a letter. The message gave me a number to call if I had questions, so I called it. When I explained the problem, the person on the phone said he couldn't help me, because he was at the national Verizon call center, and I needed to call the LOCAL Verizon office. So why did Verizon tell me to call this number in the first place?

After an hour on the phone, during which I spoke with SEVEN different people, none of which knew a damn thing, I am convinced that Comcast now has serious competition for its distinction of providing the Worst Customer Service Ever.

Verizon not only had no record of having sent me the letter about my service plan, but also had no record of planning to switch me over from MCI service. When I asked why I hadn't received the letter, one guy told me I had to call Verizon to make the switch to happen (so much for the term "automatic") and that the letter wouldn't go out until after I'd made the call. (So much for the clearly written, unambiguous statement that said I had already received the letter.)

Every time I was transfered to a new person, I had to start over, explaining the situation from the beginning. Every time someone told me he or she was changing something in my record, the next person said no, it hadn't been changed, and I had to go over it all again.

If this is any indication of Verizon's customer service and general competence, I'd better start looking for a new phone company.