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petrini1 [userpic]

Give It A Rest

April 5th, 2009 (05:12 pm)

current mood: annoyed

I am sick to death of hearing people blame President Obama for the lousy economy. If you believe them, he's responsible for the collapse of the banking industry, for the budget deficit, for the poor performance of the auto industry, and probably for the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. Hello! The man has been in office less than three months. The economy tanked long before he moved into the White House. And you can harp about big-spending Democrats all you want, but the fact remains: The GWB White House spent more money than any presidential administration in history, including the Democratic ones.

It's no surprise that Republicans are blasting President Obama. What gets me is that the supposedly left-leaning liberal media is doing it too. A lot of my fellow liberals think this demonstrates a conservative bias in the media. I think it's more likely to demonstrate a bias for making money. Criticizing the president -- or quoting people who are criticizing the president, no matter how uninformed, self-serving, or peripheral they may be -- sells more newspapers and garners higher TV ratings than running stories that say, "It'll be months before we know if the president's policies are working." The other bias in the media is the bias toward keeping advertisers happy. And advertisers tend to be those same big businesses that were given a free ride under the Republicans.

We already tried ignoring the poor, cutting taxes, giving huge incentives to big business, denying reality, and spending trillions to invade countries that posed no danger to us. News Flash: It didn't work! That's why we voted in a new president who wants to try new tactics. Let's give those tactics some time to work.