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petrini1 [userpic]

Smeashy's 15 Minutes of Fame

February 8th, 2009 (10:35 pm)

current mood: exhausted

After my last post, I've had more than one request for a photograph of Smeashy the Pelican. I'm not sure why. But who am I to deny Smeashy his fifteen minutes of fame?


By the way, we returned to the emergency room this afternoon for a follow-up visit. The people we saw there on Friday had told us to come back today so the pediatrician there could check to see if the hole in my son's foot was healing properly. We're also supposed to follow up sometime this week with his own doctor. So far, the foot is looking pretty good, for a foot that had a splinter the size of my finger in it a couple days ago. Unfortunately, the antibiotic was making the poor kid sick. The doctor we saw today switched him to a different antibiotic, which unfortunately has the disadvantage of tasting so awful that he absolutely refused to take any more of it today after the first sip. Tomorrow we'll try hiding it in apple juice.