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petrini1 [userpic]

Tooth Delay

September 23rd, 2008 (11:52 am)

I had an appointment this morning with a new dentist. I'm usually very good about getting my teeth checked every six months. But my old dentist, whom I'd been seeing for fifteen years or so, retired more than two years ago, and I couldn't seem to pick a new one because I couldn't find information about any of the ones on my insurance list. After two years of putting it off, I finally just narrowed down the list by location and picked one because I liked her website the best.

My old dentist was an old-fashioned sort who did everything himself. He was the only one who ever even looked at my mouth; he did all of the cleanings and x-rays.

The new dentist seems nice enough, but it's hard to judge, since I spent a whole five minutes with her. The hygienist, on the other hand, I got to know quite well. She was extremely thorough with my teeth cleaning. So extreme that I began to think she was trying to scrape off all of my tooth enamel. I was afraid I'd leave with bruises around my mouth. She had this Romanian accent, and sometimes it was hard to understand what she was saying, but she seemed competent. Just not very gentle. Maybe that's my own fault for letting this appointment slide for so long. But I have no cavities and need no special work done.

And thank goodness it's over with for another six months!