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petrini1 [userpic]

Color My World

November 27th, 2018 (09:06 pm)

Paint swatches! We've painted notebook-sized swatches of paint all over the new house, in an effort to decide which colors to paint the walls. Colors look so different in different rooms, with different numbers of windows facing in different directions, that some rooms required several sets of swatches.

So, you ask, what colors are we considering? Except for the bathrooms, some of which will have to be painted to coordinate with ugly old tile colors, the rooms will all be either a pale blue or a pale yellow. The upstairs rooms and hallways will be blue; the basement rooms will be yellow. And on the main floor, the living room, Jon Morgan's bedroom, and the den will be blue, while the family room and dining room are yellow. I haven't decided for sure about the kitchen, but I'm leaning toward blue. Both the blue and the yellow will be pale shades, not so much pastels and neutrals.

Besides the bathrooms and possibly the inside of the front door, the only other color paint will be white, which will be used for all ceilings and trim, and for the inside of the garage and the unfinished basement utility room.

The rooms that will be blue -- and the kitchen, which might be -- all have painted-on swatches of SIX different shades. Yes, we had some trouble deciding. The swatch you see above is the winner. It's Sherwin-Williams "Open Air."

Yellow has been problematic. We were at the paint store to get blues when Bob insisted on skipping all the preliminary steps of narrowing down our yellow shades by holding up paint chips against the walls, because he was anxious to buy the sample size paints and spread them on the walls. So we picked out four colors, based only on how the chips looked in the store (yes, I told him this was a bad idea), and we took them back to the new house to paint swatches on the walls. And we disliked all of them.

But it's not just us. Even professionals say yellow is the toughest color to choose. It reflects other colors, especially green. So a yellow room with trees outside the windows might actually look green in the spring and summer, when there are leaves on the branches. We have a lot of trees around the house, so it is a concern.

So I picked up more paint chips, based on what I did and didn't like about the four yellows we already tried, and narrowed our choices again. I ended up with three possibilities, but I thought one was better than the others, so I bought a sample of just that one today. It's a pale yellow called "Lily." You can see it on the swatch at left.

Tomorrow I'll add swatches of Lily to those of "Pineapple Cream," "Optimistic Yellow," "Friendly Yellow," and "Lantern Light" that are already on the walls, and see if it is The One.

Yellow is hard.