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petrini1 [userpic]

Can You Say "Blanket Denial" In Latin?

November 18th, 2018 (08:19 pm)

We arrived at the high school at 6 this morning to get our teen on the bus to Richmond with nearly 30 other T.C. Williams H.S. Latin students, to represent the school at the annual convention of the Virginia Junior Classical League (the Latin Club Convention). They left before the sun was up, and a few hours later, I received a text from him: "How important is that blanket you let me take on the bus?"

He had a little bout of motion sickness. His description: "I'm fine now, but I doubt anyone will want to use the blanket ever again."

I told him to toss the blanket. I am so glad I refused to let him take the nice one I bought for his bed last week, and instead gave him an old one I was keeping around only because we might need it for cushioning furniture when we move!

He really does seem OK and appears to be having a great time at the convention. They'll be competing on Latin tests, presenting art projects and original myths, attending lectures and playing games related to ancient Greek and Rome, and all in all, having a nerdy good time. He gets to miss school tomorrow, and will be home Monday evening. Minus one old blanket.