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petrini1 [userpic]

Adventures in Insurance, or Bureaucratic Idiocy, Part 1

October 30th, 2018 (11:17 pm)

So I set up a homeowners policy for our new house, effective the date we take possession. No problem...until I receive an email with the online paperwork to sign, and notice it's full of incorrect information. I call to get it corrected, and the rep on the phone is very helpful. Together we go over the whole policy, fix the problems, and add water backup coverage. This changes the insured value of the house and raises the premiums, but that's fine.

So I go back to the website to the form I'm supposed to sign, and it hasn't been updated. So I wait a few days, and each time I pull it up, it's still the old, uncorrected version.

With the signing deadline upon us, I call the company again to ask if the updated form will be posted soon so I can sign it. And I'm told I should sign the incorrect version. When I object and request the revised version be posted, I am told, "We don't do it that way."

Huh? It's standard procedure to ask a customer to sign a form that we all know is the wrong one? So I'm signing to signal my agreement to the terms of a policy, although the terms I actually agree to are different from the ones on the form I'm signing. Does this make sense to normal humans? Or only to insurance company employees?