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petrini1 [userpic]

October 9 Writer Birthdays

October 9 Writer Birthdays

  • 1854 - Mihaljo Pupin, Serbian-born physicist, chemist, and author who won a Pulitzer Prize for his autobiography; he was also a diplomat who helped determine the borders of Yugoslavia.

  • 1863 - Edward Bok, Dutch-born American magazine editor and author who won a Pulitzer for his autobiography.

  • 1892 - Ivo Andrić, Nobel Prize-winning Yugoslavian novelist and short-story writer.

  • 1899 - Bruce Catton, Pulitzer Prize-winning and National Book Award-winning American historian and journalist who wrote popular histories of the American Civil War, including A Stillness at Appomattox.

  • 1919 - Belva Plain, bestselling American novelist whose books were often multigenerational Jewish-American family sagas featuring strong-willed women.

  • 1937 - Joanna Hurwitz, American librarian and author of children's books.

  • 1941 - Jean-Jacques Schuhl, French author who won the Prix Goncourt for his novel Ingrid Caven, which was named for his partner, German actress and singer Ingrid Caven.

  • 1942 - Michael Palmer, American doctor and bestselling author of medical thrillers.

  • 1950 - Jody Williams, Nobel Prize-winning American writer, professor, and activist.

  • 1964 - Jacqueline Carey, American fantasy author, known for her "Kushiel" series set in the fictional land of Terre d'Ange.

  • 1964 - Guillermo del Toro, Mexican movie director and novelist, known for his books of fantasy, suspense, and horror.

  • 1976 - William Joseph Alexander, American author of young-adult fantasy novels whose first book won the National Book Award for Young People's Literature.

Plain - Daybreak
Hurwitz - The Cold & Hot Winter
Catton - Terrible Swift Sword