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petrini1 [userpic]

The Scarecrows Are Ready. Are You?

I was part of a group of volunteers who made scarecrows yesterday in preparation for Art on the Avenue. The scarecrows will be hanging out along Mt Vernon Ave for the next week, reminding everyone of the fun, artsy activities in store next Saturday, Oct. 6, at Art on the Avenue.

But I'm pretty sure that, at night, they abandon their posts in front of the businesses and head inside for Holy Cow's excellent veggie burgers, a biscuit at Stomping Ground, a slice of pizza at DRP, or a fireball whiskey at the bar at Pork Barrel.

We grownups were thrilled to have the company of a group of helpful, enthusiastic students from GWMS and TCW, who had a great time and made a whole lot of scarecrows.

This was my first scarecrow of the day.

Your Dog's Best Friends hosted us (and many bales of hay) on the patio outside the store.

This little scarecrow is lying across the top of one of our two Del Ray Street Pianos. Of course, the piano was under cover, to keep the hay out. If he was aiming for one of those lounge acts with the slinky singer posing seductively on top of the piano, I'm afraid he didn't quite pull it off. Poseable limbs might help. (So would uncoveringn the piano.)

This is my second scarecrow of the day. She's not quite finished here. Later I added a big fuchsia headband with a ruffled bow.


And the bodies were everywhere.... The little guy in the plaid shirt with the natty pinstrip vest is one of mine.

I like the happy scarecrow with the big lime-green smile.

Here she is again with her friend, this time wearing her ruffled fuchsia headband. She's appearing now in front of my Little Free Library. Stop by and say hi!