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petrini1 [userpic]

April 14 Writer Birthdays

April 14 Writer Birthdays

  • 1629 - Christiaan Huygens, Dutch astronomer and physicist who discovered the rings of Saturn, invented the pendulum clock, and wrote about mechanics and optics.

  • 1879 - James Branch Cabell, American author of satirical fantasy and literary fiction.

  • 1886 - Ernst R Curtius, German literary scholar.

  • 1889 - Arnold Joseph Toynbee, British historian best known for his 12-volume analysis of the rise and fall of civilizations.

  • 1901 - Martin Kessel, German novelist.

  • 1935 - Erich von Däniken, Swiss author known for theories about extraterrestrials, described in controversial books such as his most famous one, Chariots of the Gods. (Perhaps he was the inspiration for Dr. Daniel Jackson?)

  • 1946 - Mirielle Guiliano, bestselling French/American diet book author, best known for French Women Don't Get Fat.

  • 1954 - Bruce Sterling, science-fiction author; early cyberpunk pioneer.

  • 1960 - Tina Rosenberg, Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist.

  • 1961 - Daniel Clowes, American cartoonist and screenwriter.

  • 1971 - Mars Callahan, American screenwriter and poker player.