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petrini1 [userpic]

Weekend in Richmond

I attended the Virginia State PTA Annual Meeting & Advocacy Conference over the weekend. Speakers included state Secretary of Education Atif Qarni and National PTA President Jim Accomando. One of my main reasons for attending was to personally advance the Northern Virginia District's Reflections arts contest winners to the state competition; I also helped accept and organize the winning entries from other districts.

We had workshops on a variety of topics, including working with school boards and legislators. And on Monday, it was PTA Day at the Virginia statehouse. (Technically, the Pocahontas Building this year, with the General Assembly and State Senate's usual offices closed for renovation.) I met with state delegates Charnielle Herring and Mark Levine on behalf of the 250,000 PTA members in Virginia, and both delegates are on board with our PTA agenda and appreciated the information we provided.

The conference was held at the Virginia Crossings Hotel & Conference Center in Glen Allen, just north of Richmond, a beautiful facility where I got used to having all the doors magically open for me as I approached them. (Kind of like the Enterprise, but with colonial architecture.)

To top it all off, I stayed an extra night so that I'd have a chance to drive down to Williamsburg to visit with my mom for a few hours. Some highlights from the conference: