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petrini1 [userpic]

December 15 Writer Birthdays

December 15 Writer Birthdays

  • 1859 - Ludwik Łazarz Zamenhof, Polish philologist who constructed the Esperanto language.

  • 1896 - Ann Nolan Clark, Newbery Medal-winning American children's writer.

  • 1897 - David McCord, American poet known for his work for younger audiences.

  • 1896 - Betty Smith (born Elisabeth Wehner), American author and playwright best known for her 1943 novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

  • 1937(ish) - Donald Goines, African-American novelist who chronicled life in urban America, sometimes using the pseudonym Al C. Clark, and whose birth year is given, variously, as 1936, 1937, or 1938; his murder in 1974 was never solved, and one theory is that the killer was getting revenge because Goines based a fictional character on him.

  • 1939 - Alan Armstrong, Newbery Medal-winning American children's author.

  • 1953 - Robert Charles Wilson, Hugo Award-winning American-born Canadian science-fiction author.