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petrini1 [userpic]

Halloween Happenings 2017!

November 1st, 2017 (11:19 pm)

Halloween was yesterday. Alas, the Crazy Halloween House down the street is no more. The family moved away and sold all of the thousands of crazy decorations.

But my neighbor Dana has made a valiant effort to uphold the reputation of the neighborhood, with his front yard filled with witches in a graveyard, animated zombies rising from their coffins, dry ice for ghostly effects, and more. Did I mention that he's the city sheriff? I guess that means local law enforcement is on record as being pro-Zombie Apocalypse. Or maybe just as being prepared for it.

Unfortunately, the Del Ray Halloween Parade, scheduled for October 29, the Sunday before the holiday, had to be postponed until next week because of bad weather. So we haven't yet heard the results of the Best Decorated Yard contest. My disembodied fingers are crossed for Dana's house.

Bob and I were also supposed to lead a group of T.C. Williams High School Orchestra students in busking along Mount Vernon Ave, in costume, after the parade. That, too, has been postponed until next Sunday. I hope it doesn't seem anticlimactic by then.

I did dress up for Halloween. In fact, I spent the whole day dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder, and was surprised at the number of people who thought I was Holly Hobbie:

Doesn't anyone read the Little House books anymore? What a shame. A few people recognized me. And, because Laura couldn't vote until Women's Suffrage came in when she was about my age, I even stopped by the voter registration office dressed as Laura, to cast my ballot (absentee-in-person) for next week's election. It's hard to park a covered wagon in Old Town.

(Full disclosure: The photo at right was not actually taken on Halloween this year. I didn't take any photos of my costume yesterday, but I wore the same one to a Halloween party in 2013; the photo at right was taken that day.)

Early in October, I'd attended Art on the Avenue, a huge arts festival here in the neighborhood, along Mount Vernon Avenue. Every year there's a scarecrow making area. I made one that day, but I'd had to rush to finish it, and it was a pretty lame scarecrow.

More recently I performed scarecrow surgery to cure its deformities, and was finally pleased with the effect. Well, "pleased" might be overstating the case. But my scarecrow is considerably less pathetic than before. On Halloween, I sat him outside by the Little Free Library. And I photographed the first Trick-or-Treaters of the night -- the kids who recently moved in across the street -- sitting with the scarecrow.

It's November now, but until the parade next weekend, Halloween isn't really over. I probably won't go in full costume that day; I don't want to steal the orchestra kids' thunder. Maybe just a funny hat....