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October 13 Writer Birthdays

October 13 Writer Birthdays

  • 1902 - Arnaud "Arna" Wendell Bontemps, African-American poet, novelist and librarian who was a noted member of the Harlem Renaissance movement.

  • 1903 - Takiji Kobayashi (小林 多喜二), Japanese author of proletarian literature, best known for his 1929 short novel Kanikōsen (Crab Cannery Ship) about the movement to unionize fishing workers; two years later, at the age of 29, he was arrested and allegedly tortured to death by police.

  • 1913 - Igor Torkar, pen name of Boris Fakin, a Slovenian writer, playwright, and poet, best known for literary descriptions of Communist repression in Yugoslavia after World War II.

  • 1916 - Galina Shatalova (Галина Сергеевна Шаталова), Turkmenistan-born Russian neurosurgeon and author of many popular books on health, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles, best known for her Natural Health Improvement System, which incorporates a very low calorie diet; she was chief of the Astronauts Training Sector of the Institute of Space & Aviation Biology. (She lived to be 95 years old.)

  • 1929 - Richard Howard, Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet.

  • 1862 - Mary Kingsley, English ethnographer who wrote primarily about her travels in West Africa.

  • 1867 - Guy Newell Boothby, prolific Australian novelist and writer who lived mainly in England and is noted for sensational fiction published in magazines; his best known creations are the Dr. Nikola series (about an occultist criminal mastermind who is a Victorian forerunner to Fu Manchu) and Pharos (a tale of Gothic Egypt, mummies' curses, and supernatural revenge); Rudyard Kipling was his friend and mentor, and his books were remembered with affection by George Orwell.

  • 1890 - Conrad Richter, Pulitzer Prize-winning American fiction writer, best known for his young-adult classic, The Light in the Forest.

  • 1938 - Dalene Matthee, bestselling South African author, known for her four Forest Novels, written in and around the Knysna Forest.

  • 1950 - Mollie Katzen, American chef and author of the popular Moosewood series of vegetarian cookbooks.

  • 1957 - Chris Carter, American television and film producer, director, and writer, best known as creator of The X-Files.

  • 1963 - Colin Channer, Jamaican author of novels, short stories, and poetry that focus on his home country; he is sometimes called "Bob Marley with a pen."

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