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petrini1 [userpic]

My LFL & Sign Exploited for a Right-Wing Agenda

My Little Free Library and Kindness sign are famous. Unfortunately, they're not famous for being examples of neighborliness. The photo below illustrates a story on a right-wing website about the shootings at the YMCA and the neighborhood's reaction to them. The photo was taken recently of the Little Free Library and "Kindness" chalkboard sign in my yard. The story mentions my sign and other signs around Del Ray that champion kindness and tolerance. And it blasts our neighborhood for allegedly being full of crackpot libtards who encourage voter fraud and fantasize about blowing up the White House.

The message is that clearly, if you're in favor of kindness and civility, you're a dangerous radical. Or at least a naive idiot. The comments beneath the article are worse.

Here is the headline and opening photo (my front yard). You can click on the link if you really want to read the rest.