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July 25 Writer Birthdays

July 25 Writer Birthdays

  • 1517 - Jacques Peletier du Mans - French Renaissance poet, translator, mathematician, and humanist who tried to reform French spelling to correct its inconsistencies.

  • 1626 - Geeraerdt Brandt, Dutch poet, playwright, preacher, biographer, church historian, and naval historian who was a well-known writer in his time.

  • 1761 - Charlotte Von Kalb, Baroness Marshal of Ostheim, German writer and Friedrich Schiller biographer whose books were published only after her death; she associated with poets Friedrich Schiller, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Hölderlin, and Jean Paul. Her contemporaries said Von Kalb was judged unfavourably by women, but that she fascinated nearly every man she ever knew.

  • 1896 - Elizabeth Mackintosh, highly influential Scottish author who wrote mystery novels under pen name Josephine Tey and history-themed plays under pen name Gordon Daviot.

  • 1900 - Enrique Amorim, a Uruguayan novelist and writer, best known for his story "Las quitanderas," whose plot centres on rural prostitution; also known for his left-wing politics.

  • 1901 - Ruth Krauss, American author of children's books and theatrical poems for adults; she is best known for her classic children's book, The Carrot Seed.

  • 1902 - Eric Hoffer, American author and social philosopher.

  • 1905 - Elias Canetti, Bulgarian born Swiss and British modernist writer of novels, plays, memoirs, and nonfiction who wrote i German and won a Nobel Prize.

  • 1905 - Denys Watkins-Pitchford, British naturalist, children's writer, and illustrator who wrote under the pseudonym BB.

  • 1923 - Maria Gripe (born Maja Stina Walter), Swedish author of fantasy and folklore-based books for children and young adults; she was also a screenwriter, adapting many of her own books for television, radio, and film.

  • 1947 - Clyde Watson, American author of children's books, many of them illustrated by her sister Wendy Watson; most of their family is made up of authors and illustrators.

  • 1961 - Darren Bennett Star, American screenwriter, producer, and director; best known as the creator of popular television series Sex & the City and Beverly Hills 90210.

  • 1964 - Anne Applebaum, American journalist, columnist, and author who has written extensively about Communism and Central and Eastern Europe; winner of both the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award.

  • 1966 - Rachel Vail, author of books for children and teens

  • 1973 - Mur Lafferty, American podcaster and author of speculative fiction. known for her comic travel fantasies.

Tey - Daughter of TimeKrauss The Carrot Seedlafferty - shambling guide to NYC

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