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July 7 Writer Birthdays

Farmer - Sea of Trolls
July 7 Writer Birthdays

  • 1851 - Lillien Jane Martin, a pioneer in the field of psychology, especially in her work with children and the elderly; she wrote 12 books, but her contributions were ignored in her own time because women were not accepted in her field.

  • 1893 - Herbert Feis, Pulitzer Prize-winning American nonfiction author, professor, and economic advisor.

  • 1904 - Simone Beck, French cooking teacher and cookbook author who collaborated with Julia Child.

  • 1906 - Helene Johnson, Harlem Renaissance poet who was cousin to author Dorothy West.

  • 1907 - Robert Heinlein, American novelist and short-story writer who was one of the most influential science-fiction authors of his time; he was a four-time Hugo Award winner and was named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America; before he turned to writing, he was a Naval officer and Annapolis graduate.

  • 1915 - Margaret Walker, African-American poet and novelist (full name Margaret Abigail Walker Alexander); Langston Hughes read some poetry she wrote at age 16 and urged her to move north (from her native New Orleans) to become a writer.

  • 1931 - David Eddings, American author of fantasy novels.

  • 1932 - T.J. Bass, American science fiction author and doctor who also wrote a nonfiction book on exercise and nutrition.

  • 1933 - David McCullough, American author, narrator, historian, and lecturer; best known for his presidential biographies; he is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  • 1941 - Nancy Farmer, American author, best known for her children's books, YA fiction, and science fiction; she wrote three Newbery Honor books and won the National Book Award.

  • 1965 - Lesego Rampolokeng, South African playwright, poet, and novelist.

Heinlein - The Moon Is a Harsh MistressMcCullough - John AdamsEddings - Castle of Wizardry

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