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petrini1 [userpic]

Group Mailart Project

This year I took part once again in LetterMo, also known as The Month of Letters. For the month of February, the goal was to send out at least one piece of mail per day (on days with postal service) and to answer every letter or card received. The LetterMo site has forums on which letter writers can ask questions, hold discussions, and meet up online with like-minded people around the world. On one of those forums, a group of us decided to send around an envelope that we would all take turns decorating. Mailart is an artistic movement focused on sending small-scale artwork through the postal service, often in the form of decorated envelopes.

Ria began the mailart piece by partially decorating an envelope and filling it with instructions and address labels. The idea was that it would circle around to a group of us, and each person would add some art, using any media we wanted. Ria chose to draw some excellent seahorses on the front of the envelope. Here is what it looked like (minus addresses, which I have blanked out) when I received it:

I was late getting to this, and in the end, we went way past February but decided to keep it up anyway. I loved Ria's color scheme and the underwater motif, so I continued with it in my own decorations, in colored pencil and black marker, and even had a fish-related stamp to add. Here is what the envelope looked like when I sent it on to the next person on the list, Sarah:

I haven't seen what Sarah might have done with it, and I'm not sure if we're stopping at the original three of us who had signed up, or if we've added anyone since the project began. If others find the front of the envelope too full, they can draw on the back. Covering up the already-canceled postage stamps (especially the non-theme-related canteloupe stamp) and making use of that space is allowed, too.

I love where this is going, and I can't wait to see the finished product!