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petrini1 [userpic]

A Happy Easter

April 17th, 2017 (09:32 pm)

We had a quiet Easter brunch at home yesterday, just the three of us, and a whole lot of food. I made a baked egg dish, similar to a tortilla espanola, scones, fruit salad, colored Easter eggs, and a braided Italian Easter Bread.

I used a different method to color the eggs this year, using Cool Whip as a medium for the color. I let the hard-boiled eggs soak in white vinegar for two minutes, so they'd take the color better. I squeezed 10 drops each of two gel food colors (I started with green and blue) into a bowl of Cool Whip, and used a toothpick to "marble" the two colors together. Then I rolled the eggs in the Cool Whip to coat them with the color, and stuck them in the fridge for an hour or so to set. Rinsing them in warm water removed the Cool Whip and left the color intact. I did some in green and blue, and some in red and blue. But the red coloring didn't adhere to the eggs very well, for some reason.

In the photo above, the eggs in the Easter Bread look kind of a khaki green color because I ran out of white eggs and used brown ones. These eggs are colored unboiled and placed into the shaped bread dough. They cook in the oven, along with the bread.

Every year at Easter I take out my grandmother's old china Easter egg dish, with the shiny baby chick in the middle:

The meal was accompanied by coffee, sparkling wine, and orange juice. Jon Morgan drank his orange juice straight. I drank my champagne straight. And Bob had a mimosa.

Besides orange juice, Jon Morgan ate grapes, Easter Egg bread, and scones. He could not be convinced to try the eggs, either the baked dish or the hardboiled ones.

I hope everyone else had a Happy Easter, too!