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petrini1 [userpic]

A Harry Potter Halloween Party

October 9th, 2016 (11:17 am)

I attended a Harry Potter 1920s themed Halloween Party last night. The 1920s were relevant because the soon-to-be-released Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them movie is set in the roaring '20s, in the U.S. Some people dressed 1920s, some dressed Harry Potter, some combined the two, and some just dressed like muggles. I debuted my Professor Trelawney costume, announcing that I was, nonetheless, dressed for the 1920s, because for those who possess the power of Divination, all times are one.

I made a crystal ball from a plastic sphere intended for making your own snow globe, by stuffing it full of sparkly white tulle instead of water. And I had an actual Professor Trelawney wand I bought at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter over the summer. The rest of the costume I cobbled together from stuff in my own closet and items I bought on clearance at Target. I came in second in the voting for Best Costume.

There were some great costumes at the party; among them, a Harry Potter book (winner of the Best Costume award), several flappers, a Horklump (an animal that resembles a pink spiky mushroom), a magical beast hunter, a Lethifold (also known as a Living Shroud, a carnivorous creature that glides along the ground in search of human victims and suffocates them), a Ravenclaw student, and a Hufflepuff witch.

Refreshments included such delicacies as Poison Apples, Pumpkin Juice, Augury Nests, Cockroach Clusters, Hagrid's Rock Cakes, Bezoars, Nimbus 2000s (cute little brooms made with peanut-butter cups and pretzel sticks), and my own Pumpkin Pasties, which won the Best Food award.

We ate, complimented each others' costumes, ate some more, discussed the upcoming movie, played various magical games, complained about The Cursed Child, and ate. It may be the only Halloween Party I get to attend this year, so I'm glad it was a good one! Here are some photos. Except for the one of me, above (by Talei) and the group shot (don't remember who took that one), these photos are my own.

(Winner of the Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Actually, it was the only pumpkin entered, but it totally deserved to win. It's not a very clear photo, but look at the detail in the carving.)