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petrini1 [userpic]

Day #5 Nature Photo: Devils Tower, Wyoming

I have been asked by my sister-in-law Lynn Morgan to post a nature photo each day for 7 days, each time tagging her and inviting another friend to take part in the challenge. This all started with ‪#‎challengeonnature‬, where great nature shots can be seen. Today, I'd like to invite my niece Olivia Rose Edvalson to join in the fun. Day 5: Devils Tower, in eastern Wyoming. We visited this geologic formation a few years ago, while on a road trip to Utah. You may remember Devils Tower as the landing site for the alien spaceships in the film Close Encounter of the Third Kind. (Remember Richard Dreyfuss sculpting a huge claying model of it in his living room?) We didn't see any spaceships. But the movie failed to mention that it also towers over an enormous colony of prairie dogs!