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petrini1 [userpic]

What Would Jane Read? A Book For Tracking LFLs

Look what I bought yesterday at the Library of Congress gift shop, after a tour of the library: a Jane Austen journal, to be used for taking notes about the Little Free Libraries I visit with Action Figure Jane Austen.

I also stocked up on Library of Congress and Washington, D.C., postcards to feed my Postcrossing habit, but that's a separate addiction. I'm not really a tourist; I live here. In fact, my husband works at the Library of Congress. But I hadn't been on a tour there in several years, and a visit from my father and stepmother seemed like a great opportunity to see it again.

Jane approves of the new journal. But she recommends once again that I switch to an authentic dip-style pen and an accompanying ink bottle, rather than persisting in writing with my modern ballpoint, which is more convenient but which she says results in an inferior quality of handwriting.

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