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What Would Jane Read? Episode 21: LFL #2966, Wilmington, DE

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What Would Jane Read, Episode 21
...in Which Action Figure Jane Austen
Marvels at Shrubbery on a Library Roof and
at the Advanced State of Medical Science

Action Figure Jane Austen and I were traveling Elsewhere when we detoured into the city of Wilmington, Delaware, to check out a Little Free Library. We found it in a pleasant suburb, and both of us were happy to see its official number, 2966, which is lower than the numbers of all but one other library we've reported on. A low number means a Little Free Library was registered fairly early, so it's been running successfully for some time.

(The first Little Free Library was built, of course, in 2009, and there are now more than 25,000 of these little book houses all over the place. In fact, even Jane's beloved England has some now. She once said "There is nothing like staying home for real comfort," and now, should she decide to go back, she can be assured of finding a little house full of books from whenever she wants one.)

Of the 25,000 LFLs worldwide, I wonder how many have green roofs like the one we found in Wilmington. I'm not talking about a roof that is painted green. This Wilmington LFL actually has a roof designed to allow plants to grow there. I'm familiar with the concept, because the big library in my neighborhood in Alexandria, our branch of the public library system for the city, also has a green roof, albeit on a larger scale than Wilmington's #2966. Look how cute this little library is, with plants on its roof! And it's good for the environment, too.

The inside of LFL#2966 is just as impressive. For one thing, it has two shelves for books, the bottom one shallow, for picture books. And both shelves were stuffed full of reading material.

Jane found a lot of interesting books here, but the one that intrigued her the most was by bestselling novelist Jodi Picoult. Jane was shocked when I first explained the concept behind the book, My Sister's Keeper. She had no idea that science had advanced
so much by now that doctors can safely remove a kidney from the body of a teenage girl to give to her ill sister, whose own kidneys are failing. Once she recovered from her initial surprise, Jane's novelist mind got to work, imagining the family dynamics and the relationship between two sisters in such an emotion-fraught situation. After all, times and clothing styles change (not always for the better, Jane is quick to point out) but human nature does not, and she is beginning to appreciate the modern world as a rich source of plot devices.


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