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petrini1 [userpic]

Accio Birthday!

Yesterday, July 31, was Harry Potter's Birthday! Harry was born in 1980, according to his creator J.K. Rowland, so he has just turned 35 years old, believe it or not. In fact, July 31 was also the birthday of Harry's creator, author J.K. Rowland, who just turned 50.

In honor of the birthdays of Harry Potter and Jo Rowling, I stocked my Little Free Library with as many Harry Potter books and HP-related books as I could find (in addition to a variety of others to fill out the space). I made up a lot of Harry Potter bookmarks and included them inside, as well. Then I decorated the LFL with Harry Potter- and birthday-related banners, signs, and pictures. I made up a batch of chocolate frogs, individually wrapped them in little ziplock bags, and left a few in the Little Free Library as giveaways. I knew they'd melt in the afternoon when the temperature got too high, so I thought I'd put onlly a few in at a time, and that I'd pull them all out when the weather got too hot. By 2:30 pm, the frogs remaining in there had melted, turning into little bags of molten chocolate, so I pulled the few that were left, but had them in the house in case anyone wanted one.

I think my decorations were a success. People seemed to like the idea of decorating and stocking it for his birthday. I noticed a lot of people stop by, and I think it sparked some interest, which is valuable if I want to keep bringing new patrons in (to my own LFL and the movement in general) and reminding those who already knew about them that Little Free Libraries are going strong.

Happy Birthday, Harry and Jo!