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petrini1 [userpic]

What Would Jane Read? Episode 19: LFL #11989, Quinton, Virginia

July 19th, 2015 (08:30 am)

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What Would Jane Read, Episode 19
...in Which Action Figure Jane Austen Visits
a Little Free Library on a Misty Day in Virginia

Action Figure Jane Austen has been chastising me (in a polite, genteel way) for taking much too long to post another episode of our ongoing series, "What Would Jane Read?" After all, we have visited many Little Free Libraries together, and have only blogged about a fraction of our little literary encounters.

So here are some photographs of my visit with Jane to Little Free Library #11989, in the community of Quinton, Virginia.

Quinton is about 20 miles east of Richmond, and is a bit north of I-64. As the state capital, Richmond has its share of Little Free Libraries, but all along the 70-mile long peninsula running southeast from Richmond to Newport News, there is only one, the Little Free Library in Quinton. This surprised us, seeing as how Williamsburg, a small city with a huge tourist business and a major university, lies between. So, when we found ourselves driving home from Williamsburg that day, we were determined to visit Quinton and see #11989.

Quinton is not a large place. It's an unincorporated community of 6,000 people, so I was pleased to find a Little Free Library there. It was a very green day, alternating between drizzle and mist, and Jane said it quite reminded her of the climate in Somerset. Unfortunately, the weather did not make for excellent photography, but we did our best.

LFL#11989 is a bit bigger than most we have visited, having not one but two bookshelves. Even better, the shelves were filled with a wide variety of books, with literature for children on the bottom shelf, and literature for adults on the top. Jane enjoyed having her picture taken as she stood on the shelves, with all the books. But who doesn't like being surrounded by reading material?

We had no books of Jane's own authorship to give away that day, so instead we donated a Nora Roberts book, Chesapeake Blue. With so many books to choose from, Jane had trouble deciding just what to bring home, but she finally settled on Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street Brides, with its strong female characters and themes of love, relationships, and marriage, much like a modern version of her own plots.

The mist was turning back into a drizzle, and Jane disapproves of the manner in which rain, like hot weather, tends to leave one in a continual state of inelegance. So we left the Little Free Library of Quinton, Virginia, climbed into our comfortably dry car, and resumed our journey homeward.


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