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petrini1 [userpic]

Off to Summer Camp

Today we drove Jon Morgan and his friend Charles down to summer camp. This is a traditional summer camp, ,with cabins, archery, nighttime campfires, swimming, crafts, canoeing, and so on. The camp is run by the Alexandria Police Department and the YMCA and is on the Northern Neck of Virginia, near Kilmarnock.

Charles has been attending this camp for years, but this will be the first time that Jon Morgan has been away from home for more than one night without either parent. He had seemed nervous about it when I first broached the idea, but I think touring Interlochen -- the music camp in Michigan -- last month reassured him. Seeing what kind of cabins kids slept in and what sorts of facilities a camp would have seemed to make him feel better, even though it was a different camp, in a different part of the country. He has always been a child who wants to know what to expect.

It was supposed to be a three-hour drive, but traffic was awful, and it took longer. But the boys were made to feel welcome once we arrived, and we enjoyed touring the place, which has a gorgeous location right on the Chesapeake Bay. The cabins and dining hall are newly renovated, with bathrooms and air conditioning added. They really are nice, and painted in such cheery colors!

Jon Morgan and Charles were assigned to the same cabin, and there's even another boy there who Jon Morgan knows from school. Each cabin fits 8-10 kids and two counselors, but only six boys had checked in to theirs by the time we left. Maybe that's all they'll have. There are eight cabins altogether, four for boys and four for girls, separated by age. The recreation center there has rainy-day activities, including foosball, ping pong, pool, and more. And Jon Morgan was thrilled to see that there's a piano. He hated the thought of going without one for nearly a week.

I think they're going to have a great time!

Inside their cabin, with some of the other boys and the two counselors.
The cabins are newly renovated and now have air-conditioning
and indoor bathrooms!

Their cabin is the blue one here.

The large blue building behind the basketball court
is the spiffy new dining hall.

See how close the cabins are to the Chesapeake Bay!

This is one section of the Rec Center.

Also in the Rec Center: a piano. Jon Morgan was pleased.
There is supposed to be a talent show sometime this week;
he's trying to decide what to play for it.

The view out of the windows of the dining hall.

And here is the dining hall interior, also shiny and new.

The camp's own dock of the bay.

The cheery colors of the cabins coordinate so nicely
with the canoes and kayaks!

Camp Kekoka's beach is patrolled by a school of
specially trained Guard Minnows.