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petrini1 [userpic]

What Would Jane Read? Episode 14: LFL #1368, Greenville, SC

What Would Jane Austen Read.jpgWhat Would Jane Read?
in Which Action Figure Jane Austen Enjoys
Southern Hospitality in Greenville, SC

Action Figure Jane Austen and I were attending a writers' conference in Greenville, South Carolina, when we had a free afternoon and set out to visit as many local Little Free Libraries as we could find. This one, LFL #1368, sat in a beautifully maintained leafy green suburb, with a wrought iron bench conveniently nearby to welcome readers with the characteristic southern hospitality Greenville is known for.

Jane thought this Little Free Library to be a particularly charming one. It looks rather like a two-story dollhouse on a post. On the back is the glass-paned door for examining the books.

Speaking of the books, the little red book house was stocked that day with a variety of bestsellers, literary novels, and children's books. Jane was attracted by the sky-blue cover of A Robyn Carr novel, Second Chance Pass, though she blushed to read that the book is part of the "Virgin River" series, a title that shocked her nineteenth-century sensibilities.

Still, the book is about relationships in a small community where everyone knows everyone else's business, and she was interested in reading how modern authors handle the same sort of subject matter she so expertly wielded in her own novels.

Action Figure Jane particularly enjoyed posing for photographs in this book house; it reminded her very much of an English town house, but just her size. Below are some of the photos we snapped of the Little Free Library #1368.

We took the Robyn Carr novel with us, left several books in return, and then got back in the car to seek out the other Little Free Libraries of Greenville, South Carolina.


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