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petrini1 [userpic]

What Would Jane Read? Episode 13: LFL #9459, Baltimore, MD

April 20th, 2015 (03:57 pm)

What Would Jane Read?
in Which Action Figure Jane Austen Visits a Baltimore LFL
and Leaves It Filled With Books and a Special Bookmark

Action Figure Jane Austen and I found ourselves in Charm City (Baltimore) again, over the weekend, with an hour to spare and a list of local Little Free Libraries. We picked two to visit.

The Elusive 675
Unfortunately, we never found one of them, #675 in the Hampden neighborhood; I had only GPS coordinates for it, no address, and if it was where it was supposed to be, then it was just not visible from the street. (I couldn't find parking, so I couldn't get out and search on foot). That was too bad. At #675, this would have been the oldest Little Free Library Jane and I had visited. We'll have to try again another time.

Instead, we gave up and drove on over to Little Free Library #9459, which is on the east side of Baltimore, in Upper Fells Point. This Little Free Library sits in front of a rowhouse on Gough Street, next door to the Ukrainian Church. In the photo of the street view, you can barely see it over the parked cars; it's just past the yellow tree.

Restocking the Bookshelf
Jane was dismayed to see that there were only five books in the little book box. So it was lucky that we had extra books along; we had not just the books we'd brought for this LFL, but also the books we'd planned to put in the elusive #675 of Hampden. So maybe it was a lucky thing that we never found it. The Before and After pictures show how much happier the Little Free Library looked after Jane was finished refilling it. Because a Little Free Library filled with books is a happy Little Free Library. And that can help make the neighborhood a happier place.

Jane decided not to take a book for herself from the collection at #9459. There were so few there to begin with, and she wanted to be sure the neighbors had plenty to choose from.

Jane's New Project
This was a special LFL visit for Jane in another way. Jane and I have been collecting copies of her very own books, and others related to her life or her work, with plans to place one of them in each LFL that Jane visits, along with a new bookmark we made up, to let library stewards and patrons know that Jane was here.

At LFL #9459, Jane left a copy of Pride & Prejudice, as well as several of her new bookmarks, featuring her portrait, in silhouette. There she is, below, showing off her new bookmark and her book, first published in 1813 and still one of the most popular novels of all time. (Thank you, Jane!)

And thank you, Charm City, for supporting Little Free Libraries.


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