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petrini1 [userpic]

What Would Jane Read? Episode 12: LFL #1521, Baltimore, MD

What Would Jane Austen Read.jpg

Baltimore, Maryland: Jane Visits Little Free Library #1521 and Tidies Up

Action Figure Jane Austen and I visited this Little Free Library in Baltimore. This one has the distinction of bearing the lowest registration number of any I've posted about, so it's been sharing books with the Violetville neighborhood in southwestern Baltimore for some time.

Number 1521 is in a development of modest townhouses with nice green lawns. On the day we visited, the first thing Jane noticed about the book box was that the books were in something of a mess. That's not a bad thing; it probably means that overeager Little Free Library patrons had been shuffling through them, choosing books to read. But Jane prides herself on her tidiness, so — though she'd prefer to have the servants handle such tasks for her — Action Figure Jan did insist on straightening the books. (See the Before and After shots, right.)

When it came time to select a book, Jane was at a loss. Some of the offerings were well beyond her comfort zone. Thrillers about terrorism puzzled her, as did a diet book in which food choices were based on biblical teachings. Then she saw something called Last of the Donkey Pilgrims, by Kevin O'Hara, which recounts his adventures along the route of a trip he took around Ireland by donkey. Some of Jane's letters, as well as some passages in her books, indicate a curiousity on her part about Ireland. And the premise of this rather quirky book intrigued her.

"I believe Jane was quite longing to go to Ireland," says a character in her book, Emma (speaking of another character, the beautiful and elegant Jane Fairfax). The real Jane may very well have felt the same way, and Action Figure Jane certainly does too — though, as she was quick to point out — she would prefer not to travel by donkey.

The Little Free Library was not quite as full as it could have been, probably because of those overeager patrons, so Jane declined to take the book with her, but I can surely find her a copy. Perhaps in another Little Free Library.


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