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petrini1 [userpic]

Artistic Alexandria Students Honored in N.Va. Reflections Contest

Phot - INT - Christopher Alers, MVCS

Eight Alexandria students, from seven schools, have won awards in the Northern Virginia District PTA Reflections Arts Contest! The contest theme this year is "The World Would Be a Better Place If...."

The eight students already won 1st Place in their own schools and then in the Alexandria City contest, before having their works submitted to the Northern Virginia District level of competition.

Three ACPS students won awards for Outstanding Interpretation of Theme (equivalent to 1st Place) and will now compete in the Virginia state contest:

  • Janae Holster, 6th grader, George Washington Middle School, for Dance Choreography, Middle School Division

  • Jonathan Morgan Petrini, 7th grader, George Washington Middle School, for Music Composition, Middle School Division

  • Christopher Alers, 5th grader, Mount Vernon Community School, for Photography, Intermediate Division (that's his photo, of the bicycles)

Three students won the Award of Excellence (equivalent to 2nd Place):
Phot (MS) R. Pineda Alvarado, 40%, Take Care of the Earth - FHammond

  • Adelaide Flint, 1st grader, George Mason Elementary School, for Photography, Primary Division (her photo shows a girl playing in a fountain in the rain)

  • Raffaella Pineda Alvarado, 6th grader, Francis Hammond Middle School, for Photography, Middle School Division (hers is the photo with the brown background, to the left)

  • Claudia Cutting, 2nd grader, Matthew Maury Elementary School, for Visual Arts, Primary Division (her drawing, below, is the one of a peaceful, colorful world where a child sits by a stream)

And two students won the Award of Merit (equivalent to 3rd Place):

  • Amara Edwards, 11th grader, T.C. Williams High School, for Literature, High School Division

  • Patrick Ostermann-Healey, 2nd grader, Douglas MacArthur Elementary School, for Music Composition, Primary Division

The Northern Virginia District includes the schools in Fairfax and Arlington counties and the independent cities of Alexandria and Falls Church, with a total of about 220,000 students enrolled.
VisArts - PRI - C. Cutting, 25%, A Better World, whole picture
Phot (PRI) - A. Flint, Free To Be Different - GeoMasonI am so proud of our eight winners! I'm also proud of the 20 who won Alexandria city-level awards, the 60+ who competed at the city level, and the 650+ who competed in their own schools. (Only the 1st Place winners at each level move up to the next.) Their artwork showed talent, creativity, and skill. It takes courage to put something as personal as your art out there to be judged. I hope they all keep on creating!

Alexandria's city-level winners and participants, including the eight district winners, will be honored at the Alexandria City Reflections Awards Program & Art Show Opening on Feb. 27. Please contact me if you would like to attend and need more information.

Lit-HS - A.Edwards, 25%, poem with border, TC Wms