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petrini1 [userpic]

The Month of Letters, Daily Total

US3210081 Netherlands (Zeist) web - Day of the Dead card, orangeIt's February 2 (and, by the way, no thank you, Punxatawney Phil, for those six extra weeks of winter) but it's only the first day of mailing for the Month of Letters, because yesterday was Sunday. I sent eight pieces of mail today. Seven of them were Postcrossing cards, including the very cool Mexican Day of the Dead paper-doll card on the right.

  • Three cards went to Postcrossers in the United Kingdom. Two of those were just too cool not to share here as well, the Doctor Who card, and the one of children in the Sudan playing.

  • Two cards went to Postcrossers in Poland, including the U.S. Capitol card below.

  • One card went to The Netherlands. She said she liked cards that were colorful and unusual, and the well-dressed skeleton card seemed just the thing.

  • The final card went to Lithuania; it's the one with the wonderful vintage photo of the woman and children in a rowboat.

In addition, I sent a birthday card to a friend in the Midwest.

Happy LetterMo!

US3210071 Poland (Glogow) web - The Capitol, WashDC
US3210075 Lithuania (Radvilliskis) web - Seaside Holidays, c1910
US3210061 UK (Surrey, Eng) web - Dr Who & Friends in Utah
US3210069 UK (Kent, England) web - Dafuran children from Sudan, refugee camp in Chad, 2007