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petrini1 [userpic]

Sugar Shack Brings Handcrafted Donuts to the Neighborhood

January 22nd, 2015 (09:15 pm)

Gigi Krupicka, JM Petrini, and Anna Duss, cropped

Have you tried the Sugar Shack, on North Henry Street? Rob Krupicka and Carter Batey's new donut shop has the BEST DONUTS EVER! (And the yarn donuts hanging from the ceiling are pretty cool, too.) Every donut is freshly handmade and hand-decorated. And the ingredients are real food; for example, the strawberry icing is made fresh in the store from real strawberries. You can really taste the difference.

The shop is already unofficially opened for business, as the staff gets trained, but the grand opening is coming soon. You've got to try this place!

When you do, make sure you look up! I belong to the Del Ray Yarn Bombers, which has been commissioned (we work for donuts) to make the giant yarn donuts that hang from the ceiling. Each big donut is built on an actual car tire. We have three of them finished and already on display in the store. (One of them is an overhead light.) And we're working on another three.

The Yarn Bombers include some extremely talented knitters and crocheters, of which I am not one. In fact, I have no actual yarn-related skills. So my usual job is to make pom-poms, including most of the ones on the big pink-iced donut. For our next donut, we're latch-hooking the top half to look like coconut on top of a chocolate donut.

(The three young donut lovers in the photo at right are, left to right, Gigi Krupicka, Jon Morgan Petrini, and Anna Duss. Those are my pom-poms on the pink donut hanging above them.)

Donut Counter

Donut Case1
Pink DonutChocolate Donut
Donut Case2
JM Worships the Chocolate DonutPink Donut Over Blackboard
Pink Donut2