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petrini1 [userpic]

Harry Potter and the Latch-Hooked Donut

January 26th, 2015 (09:14 pm)

IMG_3019 - Cropped
This weekend I attended a Harry Potter Movie and Project Weekend. My friend Kate (in the white hoodie) hosted it for our Harry Potter fan group, Defense Against the Dark Arts, She publicized a schedule for when she'd be showing each of the eight Harry Potter movies throughout Saturday and Sunday, and told us all to drop in anytime, either or both days, and to bring a project we wanted to work on. (The panoramic photo at the top was taken by Delma Del Bosque.)
Most people were knitting or crocheting something, including some really beautiful scarves. Kate herself was sorting through a backlog of Real Simple magazines, cutting out the stories she wanted to keep, and putting them into a binder so she could throw away the rest of the magazines.

I brought along a panel of the next donut that the Del Ray Yarn Bombers group is making to decorate our friend Rob Krupicka's new donut shop. This panel is part of the top half of the donut, and will look like coconut topping on a chocolate donut. We're latching it in several shades of off-white, with a little brown showing here and there.

It was great fun hanging out with friends and watching Harry Potter while we worked on our various projects. Sometimes we watched the movies closely, and sometimes we paid more attention to our work or our conversations. This is a fun group of people who share a variety of interests, not just Harry Potter.

Initially I'd planned to be there only on Saturday, because I was supposed to go to Pennsylvania on Sunday for a Noble Fusion writer's group meeting. But we were expecting a snowstorm, with bad driving conditions. After I canceled my drive north, I decided to go back for a second day of Harry Potter. This time I didn't bring the latch-hook materials; I decided to catch up on my Postcrossing cards instead. Again, it was a fun day.
P1310562P1310566 Delma, cropped