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What Would Jane Read? (Episode 5: LFL #7277, Kannapolis, NC)

What Would Jane Read?
Jane Austen has been busy! I took her along with me on a trip south last week, and together we visited many Little Free Libraries. At each one, she selected a book to read, and we donated a few, too. Eventually Jane would like to leave each LFL with a copy of one of her own novels, but I haven't yet collected enough of those.

Today, I'm featuring Jane's visit to Little Free Library No. 7277, in Kannapolis, North Carolina! Jane was mystified by the southern accents, but she is quite enjoying her introduction to the American South and its literature.

LFL7277 has a unique shape: it looks like one of the old teardrop camper trailers, popular in the 1930s to 1960s. Its aqua color and metallic sides are oh-so-mid-century!

Kannapolis is a city of 42,000+ people, a bit northeast of Charlotte; it's the hometown of the Earnhardt racing family and the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. Kannapolis's only registered LFL is in a beautiful suburban neighborhood of large houses and huge yards. It sits in a comfortable spot, shaded by trees and flanked by a pretty white bench, so visitors can pull up a book and read. Jane would have liked to, but we arrived during a bit of a drizzle and didn't want to get the books wet.

Jane had never read a Nora Roberts book and was impressed when I told her that Roberts has published more than 200 novels! Jane herself completed only six (though, I should add, those were six pretty awesome books). Of all the books in LFL27277, Jane chose the Nora Roberts romance, Chesapeake Blue. It's the story of a young painter, Seth Quinn, who comes home to settle down on the Eastern Shore, near his three older brothers and their families. Seth's world is rocked by Dru Whitcomb Banks, a city girl with wealthy connections who has moved to his seaside town and opened a florist shop. That sounds like something Jane could get into, doesn't it?

P1270221 Kannapolis NC, LFL seating area, 40%
P1270232 Kannapolis NC, Jane with book, 40%
Roberts - Chesapeake blueP1270225 Kannapolis NC cropped

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