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petrini1 [userpic]

NFPW National Winners (From At-Large Contest)

September 6th, 2014 (04:32 pm)

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NFPW National Contest Winners
From the At-Large Competition

NFPW's annual Communications Contest is a two-tiered competition for exellency in about 150 categories of writing, broadcasting, public relations, photography, and more. Entrants submit work to their own state contest or to the At-Large contest. First-place winners from those contests compete against each other in the national competition. The NFPW winners' certificates will be awarded tonight at the annual Communications Conference, being held now at the Marriott in Greenville, South Carolina.

All first-place At-Large entries were submitted to the National Federation of Press Women contest. Below is a list of the 17 At-Large entrants who were also national winners, with the category numbers and awards earned at the National Level. These 17 members won national awards in 26 categories! Congratulations to all of our winners!

To see a complete list of all At-Large winners, click here to see my entry from last April. And here, below, is the list of At-Large entrants who also won at the national level. Those who are present at the conference will receive their certificates tonight; NFPW staff will mail national certificates to the national winners who could not be present.

Lailee Bakhtiar
61B Creative Verse, book or chapbook — Honorable Mention

Betsy Batish
10R Specialty Articles, sports — Third Place
17C Single Photograph — Honorable Mention

Emily Cary
10C Specialty Articles, arts & entertainment — Second Place

Jamie Denty
11B Columns, general — Honorable Mention

Karen Feld
1C News Story, online publication & mdash; Third Place
7C Editorial or Opinion, online publication — First Place
8C Feature Story, online publication — First Place

Susan Froetschel
56 Novels for Adult Readers — Second Place

Karen Galanaugh
45B PR Brochures, corporate or for-profit — Second Place

Katherine Herbert
60A Short Story, single story — Honorable Mention

Diana Hirsch
10K Specialty Articles, hobby or craft — Honorable Mention
57A Nonfiction Books for Adults, biography or autobiography — Third Place

Vickie Jennett
60B Short Stories, collection — First Place

Leslie O’Donnell
7A Editorial or Opinion, print-based newspaper — Third Place
15A Publications regularly edited by entrant, newspaper — Third Place

Danielle Romano
52A Writing in a Collegiate Publication, news — First Place
52B Writing, in a Collegiate Publication, features — Second Place
52D Writing in a Collegiate Publication, opinion or editorial — Second Place

Rosalind Schliske
55 Faculty Advisor of Student Publications — Third Place

Carol Seavey
5 Special Series — Third Place
13A Single Page/Section/Supplement Regularly Edited by Entrant, newspaper — First Place

Rebecca Theim
57E Nonfiction Books for Adult Readers, general nonfiction ; — Second Place

Brenda Warneka
11C Columns, informational — First Place
40 Audiovisuals — Third Place

June Weltman
10O Specialty Articles, reviews — Second Place