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July 25 Writer Birthdays

July 25 Writer Birthdays

  • 1896 - Elizabeth Mackintosh, highly influential Scottish author who wrote mystery novels under pen name Josephine Tey and history-themed plays under pen name Gordon Daviot.

  • 1901 - Ruth Krauss, American author of children's books and theatrical poems for adults; she is best known for her classic children's book, The Carrot Seed.

  • 1902 - Eric Hoffer, American author and social philosopher.

  • 1905 - Elias Canetti, Bulgarian born Swiss and British modernist writer of novels, plays, memoirs, and nonfiction who wrote i German and won a Nobel Prize.

  • 1905 - Denys Watkins-Pitchford, British naturalist, children's writer, and illustrator who wrote under the pseudonym BB.

  • 1923 - Maria Gripe (born Maja Stina Walter), Swedish author of fantasy and folklore-based books for children and young adults; she was also a screenwriter, adapting many of her own books for television, radio, and film.

  • 1947 - Clyde Watson, American author of children's books, many of them illustrated by here sister Wendy Watson; most of their family is made up of authors and illustrators.

  • 1961 - Darren Bennett Star, American screenwriter, producer, and director; best known as the creator of popular television series Sex & the City and Beverly Hills 90210.

  • 1964 - Anne Applebaum, American journalist, columnist, and author who has written extensively about Communism and Central and Eastern Europe; winner of both the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award.

  • 1966 - Rachel Vail, author of books for children and teens

  • 1973 - Mur Lafferty, American podcaster and author of speculative fiction. known for her comic travel fantasies.

Tey - Daughter of TimeKrauss The Carrot Seedlafferty - shambling guide to NYC

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