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July 21 Writer Birthdays

Trudeau and SoperJuly 21 Writer Birthdays

1664 - Matthew Prior, influential English poet, satirist, and diplomat.
1885 - Frances Parkinson Keyes, American journalist, editor, memoirist, biographer, and bestselling author whose books were set in the southern U.S.; her husband, Henry Keyes, was governor of New Hampshire and a U.S. Senator.
1899 - Hart Crane, American modernist poet who was one of the most influential poets of his generation.
1899 - Ernest Hemingway, American author and journalist who won both the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize; he is known for the sparse prose in his classic novels and his adventurous lifestyle.
1911 - Marshall McLuhan, Canadian author who originated the study of media theory and coined the expressions, "the global village" and "the media is the message."
1914 - Suso Cecchi d’Amico, Italian screenwriter and actress.
1920 - Mohammed Dib, popular and prolific French-language Algerian poet and author of novels, short stories, and children's books.
1921 - James Cooke Brown, American sociologist and science-fiction author; he also invented the artificial language Loglan and designed a board game.
1928 - John B. Keane, controversial Irish playwright, novelist, and essayist.
1933 - John Gardner, American novelist known for the book Grendel, his retelling of Beowulf from the monster's point of view; he is not to be confused with the British author John Gardner, known for spy and mystery stories.
1944 - Buchi Emecheta, Nigerian novelist, poet, screenwriter, autobiographer, and children's book writer; her work often focuses on sexual politics and racial prejudice.
1945 - Wendy Cope, English poet, teacher, editor, and humorist; she has been called a "jet-age Tennyson"; her husband is Scottish poet and critic Lachlan Mackinnon.
1948 - Garretson Beekman "Garry" Trudeau, American cartoonist, writer, artist, playwright, and screenwriter; the first comic-strip artist to win a Pulitzer Prize; he is married to journalist Jane Pauley and is best known for his Doonesbury comic strip.
1956 - Michael Connelly, American author of detective novels and crime fiction.
1966 - Sarah Waters, Welsh novelist whose Victorian novels usually feature lesbian protagonists.
1975 - Christopher Barzak, Nebula Award-nominated American author of novels and short stories.

Hemingway - The Sun Also RisesEmecheta - The Bride PriceWaters - The Little Stranger

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