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petrini1 [userpic]

What Would Jane Read? (Episode 3: LFL10419, Barcroft School, Arlington)

"The person, be it gentleman or lady,
who has not pleasure in a good novel,
must be intolerably stupid."

-Jane Austen

In this new installment of "What Would Jane Austen Read?" my Jane Austen action figure visits another Little Free Library in the area. This time, she travels to nearby Arlington, Virginia, to see the book offerings at the Little Free Library in front of Barcroft Elementary School.

Jane and I had a little time to spare, and drove over to Arlington to search for two LFLs we'd heard of. (We're saving the other one for another edition of WWJR.)

Little Free Library #10419 sits in front of the school, easily seen from the front drive. It's in a nice, grassy area with trees shading the cute little red book house and a bench for relaxing with a good book. This library has a name! It's the Leonardo Garden Little Free Library. I'm not sure if that refers to Leonardo Da Vinci or some other Leonardo. But as a Petrini, I'm all in favor of celebrating Italian artists (or even random Italian names) wherever we can. Jane enjoys Renaissance art and philosophy, and quite agrees.

Karon - A Home in MitfordAs to be expected in front of an elementary school, even in summer, the library has a good supply of children's books, as well as offerings for teachers, parents, and other members of the community. As for Jane's selection, she's chosen Jan Karon's novel, a Home in Mitford, for its focus on ordinary people living quirky domestic lives in a quiet village in North Carolina.

Here are some pictures of the Leonardo Garden Little Free Library at Barcroft Elementary School, and Jane's stop there. I was interested in this library's unusual door, which opens from the top and has a round, porthole-style window. And Jane liked the high, vaulted ceiling inside. (I was playing around with photo editing and managed to manipulate that one to be a black & white shot with only Jane in color. I don't have Photoshop installed yet, so I've rendered it in Microsoft Paint, which isn't easy, but with a few work-arounds, it is possible. Tell me what you think.)

P1240656 crop 40%
P1240660 40%
P1240662 40% & cropped
P1240665 40%
P1240667 40%
P1240668 40% - b&w with spot color
P1240673 40%

Stay tuned for the next edition of "What Would Jane Austen Read?" which will be appearing, well, whenever I decide to do it. She has visited several others; I just haven't posted them all yet. (I should probably pick a day and run this at the same time each week; Jane does appreciate organizational skills. Stay tuned, I'll get organized eventually.)

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