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petrini1 [userpic]

August 31 Writer Birthdays

August 31 Writer Birthdays

  • 1830 - Charles Nordhoff, German-born American journalist, writer, biographer, and sailor.

  • 1885 - DuBose Heyward, American author best known for his 1935 novel Porgy, which was eventually adapted into plays, opera and films as Porgy and Bess.

  • 1886 - Conrad Buff, American children's author, who, with his wife Mary, was a Caldecott runner-up four times.

  • 1887 - Zenobia Camprubí Aymar, Spanish-born writer, poet, and translator, born in Catalonia to a Puerto Rican mother and a Catalan father.

  • 1908 - Hildegarde Dolson Lockridge, prolific writer whose career spanned nearly fifty years and included writing for major magazines and authoring fifteen books under her maiden name, Hildegarde Dolson.

  • 1908 - William Saroyan, American dramatist and author; many of his works are based around the Armenian American Center in Fresno, California.

  • 1919 - Amrita Pritam (born Amrita Kaur), Punjabi writer and poet who is considered the first prominent woman Punjabi poet, novelist, essayist, and biographer, and the leading 20th-century poet of the Punjabi language; her work is popular on both the sides of the India-Pakistan border.

  • 1935 - Eldridge Cleaver, American writer and political activist; early leader of the Black Panther Party.

  • 1940 - Shivaji Sawant, Indian teacher, editor, and award-winning writer in Marathi.

  • 1941 - Knut Faldbakken, Norwegian novelist, journalist, and literary magazine editor.

  • 1946 - Jerome Corsi, American author and conspiracy theorist.

  • 1967 - Kenneth Oppel, Canadian author of children's literature who wrote his first book while he was still in college.

  • 1982 - G. Willow Wilson (real name Gwendolyn Willow Wilson), American-born author and comics writer, best known for Ms. Marvel, a comic series starring a 16-year-old Muslim shapeshifter superhero named Kamala Khan.

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