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petrini1 [userpic]

Spring String Thing at JMU

May 21st, 2018 (11:34 pm)

My son and his violin traveled to James Madison University for the weekend to take part in the 2018 Spring String Thing. He was one of 450 students, grades 7-12, who took part from all around the state. Students arrived Friday and auditioned to determine their placement in one of seven different orchestras. Others had applied specifically for an all-cello orchestra.

I'd figured Jon Morgan would be accepted into one of the higher-level orchestras, but was impressed to learn that he had not only been tapped for the highest group, the Chamber Orchestra, but was also chosen as second chair first violinist. In addition, he played a piano accompaniment to one piece.

Two other T.C. Williams orchestra students, also sophomores, took part: His friends Peter and Thomas were both in the next level group, the Symphonic Orchestra. Guest conductor this year was the highly respected composer Brian Balmages.

I was away all weekend, so it was Bob who drove Jon Morgan there on Friday and returned on Sunday for the concert. Jon Morgan seems to have had a terrific time. I'm sorry to have missed it, but apparently a concert CD will be available in a month or two.

And now he definitely wants to take a JMU admissions tour this summer.

PHOTOS. First is the Chamber Orchestra in rehearsal, with Jon Morgan in the second violinist spot, in the front row. Next, an orientation session on the first day.

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