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June 3 Writer Birthdays

June 3 Writer Birthdays

* 1780 - William Hone, English writer, satirist & bookseller; his successful court battle against the government marked a turning point in freedom of the press in Britain.
* 1895 - Robert Hillyer, Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet.
* 1900 - Gordon Sinclair, Canadian journalist, writer & commentator.
* 1913 - Pedro Mir, poet, essayist, lawyer, and political exile; Poet Laureate of the Dominican Republic.
* 1926 - Allen Ginsberg, American poet; one of the leading figures in the Beat Generation.
* 1930 - Marion Zimmer Bradley, American fantasy & science fiction author and editor, best known for The Mists of Avalon series and for her support of new writers.
* 1931 - John Norman, American philosophy professor and fantasy author.
* 1936 - Larry McMurtry, Pulitzer Prize-winning American author of western fiction; best known for the Lonesome Dove saga.
* 1939 - Kathleen Woodiwiss, American novelist, pioneer in the historical romance genre.
* 1961 - Lawrence Lessig, American academic and political activist, notably in the area of copyright law.

* 1967 - Anderson Cooper, American journalist, author and television personality.
* 1971 - John Hodgman, American humorist, author & screenwriter who also plays "PC Guy" in Apple ads.

Bradley - Mists of AvalonGinsberg - Howl & Other PoemsMcMurtry - Lonesome Dove
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