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May 17 Writer Birthdays

Jameson - Shakespeare's Heroines
May 17 Writer Birthdays

* 1155 - Jien (Jichin-daikasho) – Japanese Buddhist poet, priest, and historian.
* 1794 - Anna Brownell Murphy Jameson, Dublin-born Brtish writer of travelogues, art history, and feminist thought.
* 1873 - Henri Barbusse, French novelist, poet, editor, essayist, and Stalin biographer; his writings trace his evolution from soldier to pacifist to militant Communist to peace activist.
* 1905 - John Patrick, American playwright and screenwriter.
* 1914 - Stewart Alsop, American newspaper columnist & political analyst.
* 1920 - Harriet Van Horne, American newspaper columnist and TV & film critic.
* 1935 - Dennis Potter, English television dramatist, screenwriter & journalist.
* 1939 - Gary Paulsen, Newbery Honor-winning American author of young adult novels, best known for stories of wilderness survival; also an Iditarod racer.
* 1946 - F. Paul Wilson, American author of science fiction and horror; winner of the Nebula and World Fantasy awards.
* 1947 - Hawa Abdi, Somali physician, lawyer, human-rights activist, and author; a Nobel Prize nominee, she has been called "the Mother Teresa of Somalia."
* 1953 - Tara Brach, clinical psychologist and author; a leading Western teacher of Buddhist meditation and spiritual awakening.
* 1956 - David Sim, controversial Canadian comic book writer and publisher; advocate for self-publishing and creators' rights.
* 1974 - Grace Lin, author of children's and young adult books, many with Chinese or Chinese-American themes.

Paulsen - HatchetAbdi - Keeping Hope AliveWilson - Cold CityLin - Where The Mountain Meets The Moon

Stay tuned for tomorrow's birthday list, which includes an ancient Persian poet and a modern American actress, screenwriter, and comedian.

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