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May 18 Writer Birthdays

Khayyam - The Rubaiyat

May 18 Writer Birthdays

* 1048 - Omar Khayyám, Persian scientist, philosopher, and poet, known for the collection of his poetry that translator Edward FitzGerald titled The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyám.
* 1872 - Bertrand Russell, Nobel Prize-winning British philosopher & social critic.
* 1879 - Henry James, Pulitzer Prize-winning American biographer; nephew of the novelist Henry James.
* 1907 - Irene Hunt, Newbery Medal-winning American children's author.
* 1921 - Patrick Dennis (pseudonym of Edward Everett Tanner III), American novelist, best known as the creator of Auntie Mame; also used the pseudonym Virginia Rowans; one of the bestselling American authors of the mid-20th century.
* 1925 - Lillian Hoban, American children's writer and illustrator; in addition to writing her own books, she illustrated many of her husband Russell Hoban's beloved classics, including Bread & Jam for Frances and its sequels.
* 1930 - Fred Saberhagen, American science fiction & fantasy author.
* 1944 - W.G. Sebald, German academic & writer of fiction, nonfiction & poetry; the New Yorker called him "one of contemporary literature's most transformative figures."
* 1952 - Diane Duane, American science fiction & fantasy author who writes in the Star Trek universe as well as her own settings.
* 1957 - Lionel Shriver, American journalist abd author; born Margaret Ann Shriver, she changed her name at age 15 because she was a tomboy and felt the male name suited her better.
* 1970 - Tina Fey, screenwriter, actress, comedian & author of a bestselling autobiography.
* 1978 - Jessica Cutler, controversial blogger, and author of a novel based on her own experiences, Congressional staff assistant, and occasional prostitute.

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