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petrini1 [userpic]

Science Fair Project: A Roller Coaster for Marbles

May 1st, 2014 (08:31 am)

747-JMwithwholetrack croppedAfter days of having my living room filled with a long roller coaster track for marbles, my son has finished his Science Fair project!

He made the track out of foam pipe insulation. One end of the track was elevated. Marbles would roll down from the high point, rocket around a loop, and roll off the end of the course into a box. The idea was to test the marble roller coaster with the high end at different elevations. At each elevation, he released ten marbles down the track and noted how many successfully looped the loop, in order to determine the lowest height that would allow all ten marbles to complete the loop.

This is a virtual science fair; in other words, he doesn't have to bring the actual track to school for the judging. He has posted all of his results online for the teacher and judges to examine.

Here's a link:


802ThreeMarblesComingOutoftheLoop, cropped & sized

752-JMlookingthroughloop, cropped & sized

The project isn't due until Friday, so he can still go into the file and make revisions if he wants, but he is pretty much finished with it now. I hope the teacher likes it!