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petrini1 [userpic]

New York, New York

April 9th, 2014 (09:54 pm)

Q: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
A: Get on the bus with fifty middle-school students.

My son is going on a school orchestra trip to New York City this weekend. They leave Friday morning and ride up by bus to New Jersey, where a local middle school will host them and hold a concert and a potluck supper for them. That night they'll stay at a La Quinta Inn in New Jersey. The next morning the bus will take them into Manhattan, where they'll be given a tour of Carnegie Hall, attend an orchestra concert there, featuring the New York Philharmonic, and have some sightseeing time until dinner. On Sunday, musicians of the New York Philharmonic are holding a master class for them, They board the bus Sunday afternoon to come home.

About 45 kids (of the 75 or so total in the Chamber Orchestra) are going on the trip, along with about 10 adults. My husband Bob is one of the adult chaperons. I'm usually the chaperon from this family, but I begged off this time and urged him to go instead. Jon Morgan has never been away from both parents overnight, except for when he's spent a night at a friend's house right here in the neighborhood. Bob, unlike me, does not get car sick on buses. And he's a violinist too, so he might actually be able to make himself useful for duties beyond just kid-herding. If he weren't going, I'd be wary of letting my 12-year-old run off to New York City. But he'll be fine with his dad there to look after him.

And I'm looking forward to having a couple days in the house alone, where it will be quiet.

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