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petrini1 [userpic]

A Postal Mystery! A Mystery Wrapped In an Enigma, Wrapped in an Envelope.

January 5th, 2014 (12:49 am)

If you follow my blog, you probably know that I’m a Postcrosser. Postcrossing is a web-based project that involves nearly a half million people all over the world. The site gives you a name and address for a random Postcrosser, and you send that person a postcard. Then someone else, somewhere else, receives your name and address and sends you a card. When you receive a card, you register it on the website, to let the sender know it has arrived. I typically have several dozen postcards out at any one time, and at least a few more arrive every day.

I recently received a card that put me in the middle of a mystery. This very nice card -- Postcrossing ID# NL-1821546 -- recently arrived in the mail from Maastricht, in the Netherlands. Here is the card:

NL1821546  Netherlands (Maastricht) web - addressed to Chuck Duncan in Deckers, CO, delivered here by mistake, fwded to him 1-6-14

I noticed right away that the ID number seemed low for the Netherlands, which meant it was probably mailed quite a long time ago. But I didn't notice until I went to register the postcard that it isn't actually addressed to me! It's addressed to a guy named Chuck, in Colorado.

I have no idea why the Post Office delivered it here. What are the chances that a Postcrossing card would be accidentally delivered to a completely unrelated address 2000 miles away from its destination, and that the random person to whom it was delivered would also be a Postcrosser?
(And by the way, Kim mailed it last April. Where has it been for all these months?)

Cue the Theme From the Twilight Zone....

I tried to register the card, but I couldn’t because it wasn’t meant for me. But I was able to track it down on the site. It was sent in April 2013 by a Postcrosser named Kim (user name Kimmm) in Maastricht. She lists it in her profile as a card that has expired. I sent an e-mail to the sender, to tell her where the card turned up. And I'm putting the card in an envelope to send it off to its intended recipient, Chuck.
Happy Postcrossing, and Happy New Year!