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petrini1 [userpic]

Saturday Photo Hunt: CREATIVITY

December 20th, 2013 (06:53 pm)

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At first, I thought that the recent Saturday Photo Hunt theme, CREATIVITY, would be easy. But as I looked through my archives at photos of children's art projects, Ukrainian Easter eggs, and crazy costumes, I realized I didn't want to depict the product of creativity, or even the exuberance of it. I wanted to find a photo that captured the frustration, the determination, and the hard work that creativity entails, but also the sense of serenity and, well, harmony, the artist feels when it's working.

Just this week, my son, a sixth-grade violinist, performed in several concerts with the middle school orchestra. At one of them, I had tried to capture images of the individual students as they played: their gestures, their postures, their movement, and their expressions. There's only so much an amateur photographer can do with a point-and-shoot camera, sitting too far from the stage in a poorly lit middle school auditorium. A lot of my shots did turn out to be dark and blurry. But I was pleased to see that I was able to achieve a few images that conveyed a bit of the students' personalities, as well as the hard work these kids put in, in an effort to create.

My own son was not sitting in a position that gave me a good view of his face, so my best "creativity" shots are of other people's children. I couldn't decide on just one photograph; it wasn't a solo performance. I hope these three creative, hard-working girls can represent the entire group.

P1190100 crop 40% CREATIVITY1
P1190167 crop 40%
P1190025 crop CREATIVITY3 40%