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petrini1 [userpic]

Saturday Photo Hunt: OVER

November 23rd, 2013 (11:51 pm)

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It was my first morning in the astonishingly lovely hill town of Assisi, in the Umbria region of Italy. I took a long stroll through the town, hardly believing I was actually there. At one of the higher points in town, I stopped to look out OVER a stone wall, gazing down at the clay-tiled rooftops adorning the slope. Most of the roofs were red, or varying shades of terra cotta. This one, weathered to blue and green and plum, stood out. I loved its delicate gradations of color, its rough texture, and its feeling of antiquity and permanence.

I was OVER the roofs. The roofs were OVER the buildings. And this roof had clearly been guarding OVER the house for a very long time.

P1060478 Assisi Roof, OVER

Next week's Photo Hunt theme: GAME.